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On the Persistence of Sexism in Philosophy

Reflections from Zachary Ernst who “jumped off the ivory tower” on the bad reasoning often invoked to discriminate against women in philosophy. 

Charles Mingus — Moanin’

This is exuberance for the weary.

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Joan Osborne on God

March 14, 2014 1 comment

This agnostic loves this.

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Deliberately Considered exits and makes room for Public Seminar

I’m sorry to see that the wonderful blog, Deliberately Considered, is closing down to make room for a new venture.  Deliberately Considered brilliantly captured “the politics of small things.” The new Public Seminar is more of a group blog and links up more closely with the New School’s mission.  I’m adding it to my blogroll.

On the peril of cliché: Helen Foley, Peter Levine, Hannah Arendt

My high school English teacher, Helen Foley, who helped me become who I am (at least the salutary dimensions), warned me against writing in clichés.  These are the antitheses of thinking, she said, and she was so right.  In all the years since, when I’m writing and a cliché floats to mind as an effective shortcut to convey what I am thinking, Helen Foley’s words exhort me to actually think and figure out how to write it in my own words.  And now I add to that Hannah Arendt’s observation that Eichmann failed to think what he was doing and invoked cliché instead. Peter Levine expands on the peril here.

Why not to play nice

I largely agree with this but I would add that everything would be much more efficient if people would just say what they actually think so we can just plain figure out who they are and what they stand for. If you really don’t give a damn about diversity, just say so and stand by it.  If you think “real” philosophy is really mostly analytic M&E just say so and defend.  If you think it’s okay to flirt with or seduce people you have some power over, just say so.  AND if you think people who think like this are horrible human beings, then bring on the snark. If you think the power structure is wrong, say so. I’m all for honesty.  Propriety can get in the way of real change.

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Considering Philosophy Grad School?

If so, then you will want to see some great new data on attrition and placement rates as well as numbers on degrees awarded and time to degree.  The Daily Nous provides a nice summary of both.


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