Who’s Doing Public Philosophy?

I once read this horrible statistic that maybe four people read any given refereed journal article. Can that be? What a waste of all the energy and thought that goes into this kind of intense writing. And what a shame, we often lament, that writing for “the public” doesn’t count in promotion and tenure decisions.… Continue reading Who’s Doing Public Philosophy?

On Armchairs and MRIs

In today’s New York Times Magazine, Kwame Anthony Appiah comments on the newborn philosophy movement of experimental philosophy, or “x-phi,” in which philosophers are turning to MRI machines and other laboratory technologies to help unravel philosophical quandaries. This new movement, he reports, has rudely challenged the way professional philosophers like to think of themselves. Not… Continue reading On Armchairs and MRIs

Busted and Black

If you’re busted for drugs and you’re black, guess what —  surprise, surprise  — you’re more likely to go to prison than if you’re busted and white. That’s the latest findings from the Justice Policy Institute.  As Madison, Wisconsin’s Capital Times puts it, 97 black drug offenders are imprisoned for each white one.

Dispute Continues over Econ Prof Pay

Today’s Washington Post has an interesting piece on  Columbia University’s economist Graciela Chichilnisky and her ongoing disputes with her university over pay equity. The article raises familiar issues about perceived differences between successful men’s and successful women’s demeanors. Columbia officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing litigation, said Chichilnisky can be… Continue reading Dispute Continues over Econ Prof Pay