The Mismeasure of Woman

On today’s New York Times op-ed page, financial editor Joanne Lipman asks how it is that women finally make up half the work force and are the major breadwinner in 40 percent of families and yet are still treated as either witches or bimboes.
Op-Ed Contributor
Published: October 24, 2009
Somewhere along the line, especially in recent years, progress for women has stalled. This isn’t simply a woman’s issue; it affects us all….

Women in Philosophy

Kathryn Norlock of St. Mary’s College notes some interesting pieces that have sprung up all at once about the situation of women in philosophy.  Took them a while…

Here’s her post, copied with her permission from a message sent to the Society for Women in Philosophy email list:


It’s a great day when the Philosopher’s Magazine, the New York Times, and the Leiter blog all notice that the situation for women in philosophy is in the news.  Note that some reports are more sympathetic than others, but as my president says, I’m looking forward!

The New York Times blurb is here:

It draws its admittedly “women are put off by adversarial culture” –focused angle from a longer and more complex argument in the TPM:

And Brian Leiter notes its circulation as well:


Kate Norlock

I welcome comments on the pieces Kate points to and on this topic in general.