Connecting New Media and the Political Unconscious

In two podcasts this week I have had the delightful opportunity to talk with colleagues from two distinct worlds about themes ranging from the political unconscious to new media. Early this week Brad Rourke, whom I know through our mutual association with the Kettering Foundation, engaged me in a conversation on the subject of his… Continue reading Connecting New Media and the Political Unconscious

Discerning Media

I spent part of yesterday and today in meetings at the Kettering Foundation thinking about media and democracy. These conversations still, to my chagrin, keep getting tangled up with the debate about old school journalism versus new media.  I’ve blogged about this debate before. But I keep coming back to these meetings because I think… Continue reading Discerning Media

Execution Style

No doubt John Allen Muhammad was a sociopath and a  murderer.  I only wish that we as a society might be better than that.  I’m sick to my stomach that our collective way of dealing with such sick, sociopathic murderers is to murder them back and in the process model killing as a way to… Continue reading Execution Style

Twenty years ago today…

It was twenty years ago today that….  How do you finish that sentence?  There are plenty obvious ways: …that the wall came down. …that the Cold War ended. …that Communism failed. …that capitalism (or was it democracy?  or are these even interchangeable?) triumphed. blah blah blah Okay, it was some of all of that, though… Continue reading Twenty years ago today…