Here comes a new academic year, always exciting and new.  This is part of the fun of being in the academy.  There’s always a new group of students, new classes to teach, new colloquia and conferences.

On my dance card:

Giving a talk to the Emory philosophy department September 15 on political imaginaries.

Co-chairing, with Andrew Light, the Advancing Public Philosophy conference in Washington, DC, Oct. 6-8.

Moderating a session on the work of Patricia Hill Collins at the 50th anniversary meeting of SPEP, Oct. 19-22. Also there I am introducing a motion to help decentralize SPEP governance.

Participating in a workgroup on youth and new media at the Institute for Advanced Studies organized by Danielle Allen Nov. 9-11.

NOT going to the eastern APA because it is still scheduled between Christmas and New Year’s.

Giving a talk at UC Denver March 12.

Also some meetings with the Kettering Foundation.

More news to follow.