Here comes a new academic year, always exciting and new.  This is part of the fun of being in the academy.  There’s always a new group of students, new classes to teach, new colloquia and conferences.

On my dance card:

Giving a talk to the Emory philosophy department September 15 on political imaginaries.

Co-chairing, with Andrew Light, the Advancing Public Philosophy conference in Washington, DC, Oct. 6-8.

Moderating a session on the work of Patricia Hill Collins at the 50th anniversary meeting of SPEP, Oct. 19-22. Also there I am introducing a motion to help decentralize SPEP governance.

Participating in a workgroup on youth and new media at the Institute for Advanced Studies organized by Danielle Allen Nov. 9-11.

NOT going to the eastern APA because it is still scheduled between Christmas and New Year’s.

Giving a talk at UC Denver March 12.

Also some meetings with the Kettering Foundation.

More news to follow.

2 thoughts on “2011-2012

  1. profbigk says:

    But if you came to the APA after the Christmas holiday season, you’d see SWIP honoring Jenny Saul as One Distinguished Woman in Philosophy. And you’d nibble and sip with us and agree that it’s awesome.

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