There is nothing safe about democracy

Recently my university has gotten caught up in a brouhaha about a supposed chalk controversy, with many Latino and Muslim students taken aback by “Trump 16” chalkings across campus and, supposedly, the university caving in to their fear and terror over political sloganeering. The dichotomy being portrayed is democracy versus “safe spaces.” There is some truth… Continue reading There is nothing safe about democracy

An Apt Analogy?

Last September the deans of Emory University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Laney Graduate School announced a fait accompli – cuts to program and curricula in the arts and humanities, among others. This came as a complete surprise to the entire faculty, though a few members subsequently said they saw it coming. College and… Continue reading An Apt Analogy?

Public Philosophy Network comes to Emory

Hey there friends, I’m organizing this conference and there’s still time to get on the program: Advancing Publicly Engaged Philosophy, March 14-16, 2013, Emory University Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia, Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Minnich Early Registration extended to February 8, 2013. Those who register early pay a lower fee and will be listed on the program as discussants for… Continue reading Public Philosophy Network comes to Emory