philoSOPHIA Conference at Emory May 14-16, 2015

I’m helping organize the 9th Annual Meeting of the feminist philosophy society, philoSOPHIA.  The lineup is amazing…. philoSOPHIA 2015 9th Annual Conference The Neolithic to the Neoliberal: Communities Human and Non-Human Emory University Atlanta, GA May 14-16, 2015 Local Hosts: Cynthia Willett | Noëlle McAfee | Erin Tarver Keynote Speakers: Drucilla Cornell | Lisa Guenther… Continue reading philoSOPHIA Conference at Emory May 14-16, 2015

Not your old APA

I spent some of the final days of 2007 at the American Philosophical Association eastern division meeting in Baltimore.  What a change from years past.  There were some very good sessions, including one on the history of philosophy with attention to difference, featuring Robert Bernasconi, Eduardo Mendietta, and Penny Deutscher.  There were several feminist panels… Continue reading Not your old APA