Five Years

Enough is enough. We are so over Bush. I hear his voice on the radio, his speech on this fifth anniversary of our war in Iraq, saying he doesn’t regret it even though 70% of the American people do. Enough.

This is an all-too-familiar sensation. Most of my teenage and adult life I have had enough—of Nixon, later Reagan, then Bush, even Clinton, and then another Bush. Enough.

I hope this is the end of an era, a bad one, a long one, of politicians who ought to apologize for taking benefits away from poor people, destoying the lives of innocent people, tarnishing America’s name in the world. I’m not naive about the chance that corporate America will relinquish its stranglehold on American democracy, but it would be nice to have some resistance.

I’m hoping.

One thought on “Five Years

  1. Michael LaBossiere says:

    Unfortunately, since money is such a critical factor in elections, it seems unlikely that the “moneyed interests” will lose their influence anytime soon. For example, Thoreau and Emma Goldman were certainly insightful in their consideration of money and politics.

    Of course, not all people with money are out to do misdeeds and sometimes money making and doing the right thing coincide. Some might point to the example of the green economy-the corporate folks (and Al Gore) are happy to be making huge piles of green cash and the green folks are happy because of the (alleged) benefits to the environment.

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