Surfing the philosoblogosphere

Time to update the blogroll.  Here’s a new group blog,  just a few months old, kicked off with this post by John Protevi:

Welcome to “New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science”

Who we are and what we’re trying to do with our blog

We come from many different places, but we all share interests in art, politics, philosophy, and science (hence the title of the blog). We’d like to provide a forum for people to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in these spheres and to discuss issues that arise therein. While it’s true that we’re particularly concerned with what’s happening to higher education today, we have many interests and will post on many different topics. We’ve tried for diversity in geography and philosophical orientation in assembling our group and hope there will be something for everyone here.

I have just started diving into this site. using the comments section as a cue.  This one on caught my attention:

Next time, don’t just fucking sit there

I’ve been reading, rather obsessively, the many stories on “What is it like to be a woman in philosophy” and there is a pretty obvious theme that I’d like to illustrate with a story from my own life, one that taught me a lesson I’ve tried to live up to since…. (read more)

Be sure to read it — and the comments.   A bit charged!  And it reminds me to add the What is it like… blog to the blogroll, too.

Happy surfing.