Breaking News: I Am Obama’s Mama…

according to a commentator on the very reputable (sic) fox news site:

just wanted to let some of you know about something i discovered and it has made me go hmmm i went in and typed in Ann Dunham and there was some info came up with photos.there was the usual photos of Ms.Dunham where she is with her hand to her face holding sunglasses and then there was one photo that had a woman with short dark hair that was really nice looking and stated her name was Stanly ann Dunham.It was from Obamas family tree.This photo stuck in my mind and was i surprised when the other day i was surfing the web and i came across the photo of Ms Dunham with the short dark hair,but her name was not Dunham but Noelle Mcafee and she was a professor with a university.this really blew me away.i tried to research her but there is not much info on her other than her this ANN DUNHAM or did some of Obamas people put this photo out there to confuse us?i don’ t know.maybe someone can find the answers to these questions.i could not find very much info.hope you all will do better than me.

Funniest thing I’ve seen all day….

Full disclosure, I was born in Libya — on Wheeler AFB and…

BTW, Obama and I are the same age.

By Noelle McAfee

I am professor of philosophy at Emory University and editor of the Kettering Review. My latest book, Fear of Breakdown: Politics and Psychoanalysis, explores what is behind the upsurge of virulent nationalism and intransigent politics across the world today. My other writings include Democracy and the Political Unconscious; Habermas, Kristeva, and Citizenship; Julia Kristeva; and numerous articles and book chapters. Edited volumes include Standing with the Public: the Humanities and Democratic Practice and a special issue of the philosophy journal Hypatia on feminist engagements in democratic theory. I am also the author of the entry on feminist political philosophy in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and well into my next book project on democratic public life.

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