APA Committee on the Status and Future of the Profession

Begining this summer, I am on this committee, the APA Commitee on the status and future of the proffssion, effective July 2012.  I am now trying to discern what this commitee has done over the years and what good it needs to do in the immediate future. Please le me  me know your ideas and concerns.

2 thoughts on “APA Committee on the Status and Future of the Profession

  1. Dan Hicks says:

    Two quick thoughts:
    1) Grad students, and especially the ethics of training so many grad students for a small number of good careers. (As well as what counts as a good career in philosophy. 80 students per semester at a single campus of a community college sounds like a hectic but manageable life to me, but not 100+ at five different campuses.)

    2) A more methodologically sound alternative to the Phil Gourmet. We’re both wary of rankings in general, but some people do care about such things and some undergraduates are going to make grad school decisions based on whatever rankings are available, no matter how bad.

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