Beyond Leiter Reports – different sources for philosophy news

Reblogging Progressive Geographies’ post on what’s new in the philosophy blogosphere.

Progressive Geographies

Brian Leiter has long run a widely read blog that provides a lot of news information on the discipline of Philosophy. In that it is very useful. But he also uses it as a forum for his own views which I usually find uninteresting, not useful or sometimes just offensive. Recently he has, for many people, crossed a line. Fortunately a collaborative, and much more open site with a distinguished group of contributors has decided to devote some of its focus to fulfilling part of the news side –  New APPS. You can submit news on hiring decisions here. There is also a new site called the Daily Nous which is also going to provide news reports. Both these sites will require information to be submitted to them, so please spread the word.

Given these welcome developments – and in light of recent events (mainly a post…

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