New Year’s Resolutions

I am trying to resolve what would be a good new year’s resolution after this hellacious year for my profession.  I’m thinking: rise above and leave the crap behind, give it zero attention. When confronted with a threat to sue, laugh out loud — but push back loudly if need be — and then move on.

The trick is finding a balance between finding a way to lend no power to ignorance and mean-spiritdness and finding ways to overcome them.  This is tough. The more one tries to overcome them, the more power one gives them.  This has been my quandary this whole past year: ignore or fight back?

After a great year of the profession fighting back, I think the next tact is to ignore.  Give no energy to the places that suck our good work and put it where we do good work.

This might be the best resolution I could make. We all have good work to do.  So let’s do it.

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