Kristeva Circle Call for Papers

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Here at Emory University we will be hosting the upcoming meeting of the Julia Kristeva Circle, October 3-5, 2019. The theme of the meeting will be Trajectories of Psychoanalysis. Keynote speakers are Emanuela Bianchi of New York University’s department of comp lit and Jill Gentile, a practicing psychoanalyst and a faculty member of the NYU postdoctoral program in psychoanalysis. We’ll also have a screening of a new film about Kristeva — Who’s Afraid of Julia Kristeva? — along with a session with the filmmaker, Iskra Angelova.

Call for Papers: Please send abstracts of 500-750 words to by April 17, 2019. Submissions may be on any topic related to Julia Kristeva’s thought, as well as topics that address the conference theme, Trajectories of Psychoanalysis, the ways in which multiple psychoanalytic approaches—from those of Klein to Green to Lacan—interrelate with Kristeva’s work. Abstracts should be suitable for anonymous review; include a separate document with name, paper title, affiliation, and contact information.