Sally’s Links

MIT’s Sally Haslanger, professor of philosophy and feminist theorist, has some terrific links on her website for anyone interested in philosophy on the Internet (including philosophy blogs), feminist theory, or adoption matters. Check them out here.

An interview on the book, A Year of Living Biblically

Today I heard a terrific program on WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi show. From WAMU’s website: A.J. Jacobs says he’s officially Jewish, but “in the same way Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant”. But after being raised in a secular New York City household, he decided to live an entire year following the word of the bible–… Continue reading An interview on the book, A Year of Living Biblically

Good Science, Bad Science

I just finished slogging through 460 pages detailing 150 years of research on nutrition, obesity, disease, and weight gain accompanied by 100 pages of documentation: Good Calories, Bad Calories written by Gary Taubes and just published by Alfred A. Knofp. Had I been Gary Taubes’s editor, I would have insisted on putting the conclusions up… Continue reading Good Science, Bad Science

The Congo

There is an epidemic of rape occurring in the Congo. Jan Goodwin documented this three years ago for The Nation: Last May, 6-year-old Shashir was playing outside her home near Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), when armed militia appeared. The terrified child was carried kicking and screaming into the bush. There,… Continue reading The Congo

Long time, No blog

The summer was really hectic: finished editing a book; hung out with my kids; did lots of good work with the Kettering Foundation; worked on other projects. But not enough — there’s never enough time in a summer. At the end of May, the summer stretches out in all its glory, seemingly ample time to… Continue reading Long time, No blog