Rick Roderick Lives

Wonders of the digital era — someone has digitized and uploaded a twenty-year-old interview with Rick Roderick, whom I first met when he was getting his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Texas. I was an undergrad in history, but conversations with him ultimately moved me to philosophy, not for the love of Plato… Continue reading Rick Roderick Lives

Irregular Americans

The Democratic Party stretches over but is divided by two different demographics, upscale liberals and the working class, notes David Brooks on todays’s New York Times‘s op ed page: We’re used to the ideological divide between Red and Blue America. This year’s election has revealed a deep cultural gap within the Democratic Party, separating what… Continue reading Irregular Americans

Living Modern

I just completed a long project — chairing my neighborhood’s house and garden tour committee. My motivation was both civic and philosophical. That latter being my keen interest in mid-century modernism and how my neighborhood, Hollin HIlls, about eight miles south of D.C., is one of the exemplars of modernism. Of course the walls of… Continue reading Living Modern

eight points

As of 10 p.m. eastern time, April 22, in Pennsylvania Clinton has 54% of the democratic votes to Obama’s 46%. Not surprsing for her, but nothing like the double-digit spread she got in Ohio and Texas, and not enough to get a lead in the overall delegate total. Obama still has 135 more regular delegates… Continue reading eight points

New Date for Beyond the Academy Conference

New Date Beyond the Academy Conference: June 10-11, 2008 Call For Abstracts The Beyond the Academy Conference is now scheduled for June 10-11, 2008.  It will take place on the Arlington Campus of George Mason University, beginning the evening of the 10th and continuing all day on th 11th. Meeting just outside the nation’s capital… Continue reading New Date for Beyond the Academy Conference